Sunday, June 29, 2014

our driveway

getting used to the new computer, learning to manipulating files, images get applications ("apps") to do what I want. So here is the first post with the iMac.

This is our driveway, looking up toward the road. I had started mowing the driveway along the sides, when I noticed that the honeybees ( feral?, from some neighbor I haven't met yet?) really digging the birds foot trefoil. I decided the center of the drive could wait a while. And besides, it's quite festive. This plant really likes marginal soil. Hard, gravelly areas are where it seems to thrive. Reminds me of how the chicory loves the side of the road, which is usually gravel around here.

Dogwood, and maybe you can see some sumac on the left, apple trees on the right, and up in the distance, some box elder and some more wild apple trees. We are slowly replacing less desirable with trees that like the climate but are of more use to us humans.

I've finally started taking more photos, and will probably be blogging more about the farm and our permaculture transition after our move to the farm in a couple weeks.

ok- one more

All our brassicas looking good; kale, broccoli, collard greens, brussels sprouts and cabbage. Actually, the whole garden is looking great so far. This red cabbage is just starting to head, and only very minor bug signs. For those of you wondering what all that grass is doing in our garden, we are on a slope, with easily eroded soil ( so our neighbor farmer says, who tilled this area many years ago). In another part of this field, you can still see the remains of washed ruts, slowly filling in and stabilizing with sod. Level ground is hard to find on our farm, so we just till in the rows, (perpendicular to slope as much as possible) leaving the sod in place. So far, it has worked ok. The true width of the row will be more apparent once this is weeded again. The rain so far this summer has been great, but as we all know, the weeds like it too.

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