Monday, June 16, 2014

going up the country

Well, the water doesn't taste like wine, but it tastes pretty good. ( Canned Heat, for the younger of you ) The move is next month, and we have been busy with house selling, move planning, and as I've mentioned, the garden is twice as big this year, so needs a lot of attention. Finally gave notice at work, and it did feel odd, after 35 years. I kind of feel like I'm finally stepping toward my true calling,  or coming out of the closet, since I don't share a lot about my views on sustainability and the problems my employer contributes to. There are only one or two that I can truly explain where I am coming from, the rest are from another culture, to them it would not compute.

And also because even though we've been working toward this for five years, it really made it feel real in the here and now since we have a hard set date. Fellow workers are a bit surprised that I'm retiring, "only" 58, worried I'm sure if I will have enough money and security? Maybe make them wonder if their retirement will be secure, no matter how long they work?

In addition to all the fun projects I listed a few months ago to do in the workshop, we have tons of more pressing things to get done.

A very partial list
trench and run power to the pole shed
modify main panel, open up room for circuit to the barn/shed
install lights, outlets, wire up the pole shed
finish the deer/rabbit fence in the north garden
build gate for the north garden
start replacement of the south garden deer fence with the permanent one, complete with gate as well
build terraces and herb garden next to the house
build the rest of the removable covers for the upper terrace garden
complete the upper terrace gardens
mow and hand trim around the nut trees in the field
trench and insulate the top foot of house foundation exterior
fix the north downspout and drain tile
fix the gutter covers and clean gutters
start the barn mods to make a coop out of one end
build stairs to the west loft in the barn
(barn, shed, interchangeable terms according to mood and who you are talking to)
paint, caulk windows on house
fix garage door opener
chip the sumacs we've cut down, spread around as mulch for fruit trees
modify the deer fencing around the fruit trees, make bigger
mount the rain collection IBCs in the loft, run the piping from the roof to them, and set up overflow, first flush, outlet to gravity drip irrigation hoses in garden
reinforce the loft framing to take the water weight
mud the drywall joints, paint, trim the workshop
finish hanging, trimming the double door in to the workshop
build shelves, work benches in workshop
split firewood laying in yard
build more wood storage racks
finish the shade garden pavers and sitting area
cut in tees and valves to upstairs plumbing so we can drain and shut off upstairs in winter.
build stairway cover to shut off upstairs in winter
build shelving in downstairs library/bedroom closet
begin building first hugelkultur mounds with the rotted elm, oak, pine
cut down, cut up, split three standing dead elms for next winter
build the second composting toilet

these are all in addition to weeding, watering, harvesting, processing our garden veggies.

I'll be trying to get pictures up next time. So far, the garden is looking the best yet since we started five years ago.

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