Saturday, September 22, 2012

saw buck

Here is the sawbuck. I'm getting the hang of the best saw stroke, but still need to come up with a good way to quickly grip the wood during cut, then release for the next piece. Current setup works, but is a kludge. This is all large branches left from the wind downed trees in July. It's soft maple, so easy to cut.

Here is a bonus photo of our earlier garlic harvest. With the heat and drought, garlic finished early, but the size was good and we had a pretty good crop. It's all cured and stowed away now. We'll actually be planting from some of these bulbs soon, probably our trip in late October.

Friday, September 21, 2012

crosscut saw

I got the 42" one man crosscut saw I ordered, so had to then build a sawbuck to hold wood for cutting. I found a few example designs on line, and built one.

To these unschooled eyes, the teeth looked sharp enough, so I started cutting, Man, chain saws are a great invention.

I quickly found out that sawbucks are fine for cutting wood with a chainsaw, but crosscuts put lots of lateral force on the wood, causing the wood to rotate, and the sawbuck to want to tip over.

I jury rigged a chain and some weight, but need to come up with an efficient scheme so make the routine faster, Photos to follow after I get that done.

I also got the basic sharpening kit, but need to build a saw clamp to hold it while I sharpen. So many things that used to be common you either have to buy on the antique section of ebay, or make your own. Sharpening crosscuts is rather a chore, and I've never done it before, so I hope the saw stays sharp a good long while.