Saturday, February 23, 2013

joist tables

Well, getting closer to pole barn time. We'll selected the contractor, have had the dirt mover come out to measure the site for his quote, so now I turn toward figuring out the workshop I plan to build myself. this will be a 20' x 32' section of the barn. With 14' eave height, I plan to make an 8' ceiling, and use the space between the ceiling and the lower truss chords as storage. Meaning- the ceiling is actually a floor, and needs to hold some amount of weight. I've never designed in wood before, so am learning about joist tables. I had never thought about choosing live loads or figuring out what the density of hay is, but need to make sure I get this right. I also want to try to avoid columns in the workroom so we are talking 20; spans. I am now learning about LVL- laminated veneer lumber. It's more expensive per board foot, but stronger, so I will be doing some comparison shopping. Pole barn is scheduled for mid June, so I'll do the workshop in late June. We are figuring we will probably do the bike trip with Joe in July, so the summer is filling in rapidly.

Here is a photo from this winter, me doing my first field dressing.