Friday, March 22, 2013

snow melt

Having a slow spring / late winter is good as far as I'm concerned. We need the precip, and I'm not as tempted to start my tomatoes too early. Hopefully we will get a "normal" spring, with no freak early hot spell, followed by a killing frost like last spring. Next trip up we will scout the Mark Shepard installed swales, see how the water collection has done. There is one stretch that may need some work, he was trying to compromise between following the contour elevation and still leave a uniform crop alley, so we are sloped a bit too much. Hopefully just some shovel work. Next trip I'll also start digging the holes for this spring's fruit and nut tree order, as long as the ground has thawed.

Had a nice visit with the neighbors last trip, they are very busy with their small dairy operation, and the yogurt they make is the best. The latest addition to the heard is named Patsy. (All the cows are named for country western female singers) The girls have ordered like 40 chicks to arrive shortly, and they plan to give them all names.

I don't think we'll be naming our chickens.