Monday, July 7, 2014

full summer photos

Here are some more pictures of the garden, and a visitor.

The lacinato kale is well ahead of the grass, but we dare not let the grass get any bigger. Weeding is starting to ease up a bit after the June flush. Mid summer weeds should be trying to slip in shortly.
 Here is a shot of the new north garden, with the potatoes on the right, and the jacob's cattle beans on the left, both looking great. You can see the new deer/rabbit fence we put up this spring. We decided not to mess around, and sprung for cattle panels and 9 foot t posts. Bottom two feet is regular rabbit fence. It's pricey, but the cattle panels don't need stretching or corner posts, will last forever, and we can move and modify easily if we choose. Each row in the north garden is ~100 ft long.
 Some of the native black raspberries we have found growing here and there. Many are almost ripe. If we move quick, we might get some before the birds. Once our planted raspberries bear next year, I think we may have to net about now.
 I don't have the camera or the skills to get a better shot, but just wanted to show that we finally got the hummingbird feeder up, and the locals have found it.
And here are the tomatoes, filling out nice. We planted all Roma type for sauce.