Friday, September 21, 2012

crosscut saw

I got the 42" one man crosscut saw I ordered, so had to then build a sawbuck to hold wood for cutting. I found a few example designs on line, and built one.

To these unschooled eyes, the teeth looked sharp enough, so I started cutting, Man, chain saws are a great invention.

I quickly found out that sawbucks are fine for cutting wood with a chainsaw, but crosscuts put lots of lateral force on the wood, causing the wood to rotate, and the sawbuck to want to tip over.

I jury rigged a chain and some weight, but need to come up with an efficient scheme so make the routine faster, Photos to follow after I get that done.

I also got the basic sharpening kit, but need to build a saw clamp to hold it while I sharpen. So many things that used to be common you either have to buy on the antique section of ebay, or make your own. Sharpening crosscuts is rather a chore, and I've never done it before, so I hope the saw stays sharp a good long while.

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