Wednesday, October 24, 2012

choose wisely

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- The ancient knight says "you must choose, but choose wisely".

So, it always helps if someone else goes first, right? Make note of others mistakes and DO NOT repeat them. The next memorable quote from the movie "he chose..... poorly". Indy then gets one of those under pressure leaps of insight that only happen in movies, and picks the right goblet. Would that life were like that more often. We make mistakes our whole lives, some big, some small, some are of the game over variety. Because of the upcoming discontinuity I think might happen, this is not time to copy what others are doing, and just go along without thinking 20 years out.

So in my preparations to get a permaculture farm up and running, I have been talking to our local permaculture expert and serious hands on practitioner, and reading books. Some books will be useful reference to keep on the shelf, but some will give me reason to alter current plans and deepen my understanding of the system aspects that must be accounted for.

The excellent advise and shared wisdom I am gathering right now is from the book by Harvey Ussery "The Small Scale Poultry Flock". I recommend it ( for what that is worth, this blog is more of a diary than anything) for anyone with the room and inclination to raise chickens. The book is both filling in the detail of what I only had a general notion of, as well as making me realize I have even more work to do than I thought to create a productive efficient biosystem on our farm.

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