Saturday, October 22, 2011

swale cutting

This past week, Our neighbor has been using his tractor, and then his bulldozer ( doesn't your neighbor have a bulldozer?) to cut the water retention swales in our field. Next spring will come the tree planting. We didn't lay out and put in as many ditches as I had thought, to leave plenty of room for equipment to turn around if we continue to do crops like hay in between the trees. If we decide we can do narrower spacing, we can always add intermediate ditches.

And on to sadly tardy updates, this was a huge year for apple tree production in our area, and we finally found out which trees had good apples and which ones were bad. We tried to harvest as many apples as we could, but since we were only up on weekends, we missed a lot. We put up over 75 pints of apples sauce, and have some more frozen slices in the freezer.

The tub planters in the sun room are working great so far. We have a lot of herbs doing well, and will see how they do this winter. This is one of the first projects we are trying from the Mother Earth News magazine. The big one will be the outdoor grill/oven. That will be a challenge.

Lost my little camera, so no photos this post.

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