Thursday, January 29, 2009

A shot from a trip to Sleeping Bear dunes area in Michigan. This was a late afternoon view to the west, from the top of one of the dunes. That water is much further away than it might appear in the photo.

Here is a shot of our solar oven. Yes, a cloud was passing over, but on clear days, it works quite well. We didn't use it as much this past year, but I plan to use it more, and experiment with seeing which recipes work best.


  1. Did it come with recipes/directions? It would seem you could have quite the variables on how it would work from day to day. Is that bread?


    this website gives some recipes and hints to solar cooking. It does take some practice, and for things that take a while to cook, you will probably need to reposition and refocus a couple times. Turns out there are a lot of recipes that are fairly tolerant of variation in temperature. If it's a bit less sunny, just keep it in longer.

  3. That's such an awesome picture of the lake!